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Impairments of social interaction in children with autism

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Impairments in social interaction: Social isolation and inability to contact the other people. For

example, in face to face situations, severe autistic children will not look at your face, even away

from you.

There are 3 types of interaction impairments:

Children tend to separate: Children separated and located in their guise, children do not meet

the other people, do not seek eye contact and often actively avoid, do not like physical contact

such as hug and do not respond to caregivers with excitement.

Children tend to be passive: These children accept social communication with other people but

being often submissive and indifferent. For example, these children can follow other children

but passively.

Odd children group: Children are interested in other people but lacking the social

understanding and also the ability to assess the criteria for normal behavior. For example,

children may approach a stranger, touching them without distinction between familiar people

and stranger, asking inappropriate questions without realizing that their way make other

people uncomfortable.

These children may also change the development process rather than fixed in only style.

For normal people, communication is one of necessary factors but in autistic children, it is

maybe a expensive thing. It is communication that makes autistic children can integrate with

the other children and also socialize. Therefore, we gave you some information about three

children groups in impairments of social interaction to help you understand autism more and


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