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Differences of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children

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Communication skills: The child with autism or hyperactivity disorder can get in difficulties in

communication, especially if the child has other defects such as difficulty in learning or speech

problems. However, overall communication abilities in children with autism are less than children with

hyperactivity disorder. Autistic children are not only limited in language expression but also can have

difficulty in understanding the body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, or other manifestations

of non‐verbal communication.

The ability to predict thoughts: The autistic children are often difficult to judge the thoughts of others

through their reactions with actions or events. In contrast, the majority of children with attention deficit

hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are able to guess the thoughts of others through the way they react.

Adaption with others: Although children with ADHD may get in difficulty in social skills but the ability to

integrate with others is still better than autistic children. The majority of autistic children often have

defects in skills before words (called pre‐linguistic skills), for example, eye contact, looking forward to

sharing, attention and connection.

Eye contact: most of children with autism are avoiding eye contact with others. Some autistic children

can look people in the eye, but his eyes showed little attention as normal children. For these children,

the examination must be a highly experienced person to recognize.

‐ The desire to share: this is another abnormal sign seen in children with autism. They do not know how

to use forefinger to show interest in what they care and they do not know how to show what they like

or the achievement of children with relatives or friends. For example, a normal child and can only call:

“Mom, look, bird is flying” or “Mom, look at my paintings!” This is often very uncommon in children with



‐ Notice the connection: the ability to pay attention to a person and an object, an event which he

notices. For example, the situation on a normal child if the mother pointed to and called “Son, look, bird

is flying ” the child will look in the direction of mother finger, or at the level of attention the higher

connection, mother just called (without showing) “look, the bird is flying “, the child still looks in the

direction of view but autistic children are often difficult in this. Children with ADHD have noticed

connection as normal children, but often do not pay attention for a long time.

Response to treatment: For some cases, the discrimination of children with autistic and attention deficit

hyperactivity disorder is a challenge. Especially children with autism disorder belong to group having

normal, high intelligence or Aspeger syndrome. At this time, the assessment of response to medication

treatment is an effective way to distinguish. Children with ADHD may respond to specific treatments up

to 80%, whereas autistic children with no or very little response to the drug.

It is very difficult for parents to distinguish between autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

in children. Therefore, we decide to collect and supply to you some signals to separate 2 disorders

effectively. Explore right disease is a good way to treat.

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