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How to take care of people with bipolar disorder

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If your relative has bipolar disorder, there is certainly not easy. We can be upset and frustrated with

extravagant, mood swings, sometimes feel embarrassed for their peculiar behavior. You can read the

article “Bipolar Disease,” then you will understand.

The role of the family is very important in the recovery and having normal life of the patient.

1. Receiving patients

The patients are more guilt and misery than us. Nobody wants to have any disease at all. People with

bipolar disorder are very impulsive. If we do not receive and understand them, we inadvertently let

them further and make them more desperate. They may find happy and decrease sad by the unhealthy

things that make life and disease become more seriously. Sometimes even lead to suicide.

2. Monitoring patient drug

Patients usually hate pills because in many times they have to suffer with many drug side effects.

Moreover, during the pre-pulse chronic, patients feel very happy, excited and eager so they dislike pills

that make them decrease energy so much and of course no more effective in their work. The important

thing is not to make their energy go down (compared with the previous period that they were not

normal) but preventing them back to excessive manic or depression periods. We should recommend

that patients should try taking medicine in the right time.

Do not despise side effects. Should contact with their psychologist to adjust the dose if not patients will

have aversion to drugs and never want to take again.

3. Do not forget myself

Caring for patients can make people feel very tired both physically and mentally. Do not forget to take

care of yourself. You should get someone to care for the patient to take a rest and relax. Recognize your

limitations. Find ways to reduce your stress because when the family is under stress, patient will be

more severe and sometimes they can be very violent.

4. Be careful with recurrence symptoms

There are many effective drugs that can treat schizophrenia. Therefore, there are many patients have no

symptoms and can operate normally while follow the dose. However, many patients are recurrent or

continuing gradual degeneration. Family should monitor symptoms of the below recurrence and

promptly notify the physician to adjust medication.

-Insomnia, problems in sleep

-Extravagant, claiming to be on everyone

-Impulsive, falling into depravity

-Anger, irritability, violent

-Speaking fast, do a lot of things at once but never finished

-Strange gestures, speech

-Self- isolated and do not want have any relationship

-Cannot take care of themselves even personal hygiene

-Loss of appetite, weight loss

-Fatigue, mental exhaustion

5. Emergency response

-Do not be so loud, yelling. Be calm. When disease attacks patients, they are often impatient and rude.

Do not let the belly.

-Before this period the patient is conscious, family should discuss the condition with the patient about

the necessary actions that they have to do in the emergency period. At that time, you can take out

money, credit cards or car keys because when they meet pulses, they are impulsive.

-Let patients have the mini meals because when they are in chronic pulse, they do not sit in one place

-Avoid disturbing activities. Keep quiet.

So you have a relative with bipolar disorder, after this article hope you can sympathize and take more

care of them. If you can be patient with your relative, he will recover soon.

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