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How often autism occurs?

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The percentage of autistic children:

‐ Vietnam has no statistical percentage of autistic children.

‐ Autistic Society in the United Kingdom shows: 7/1000 children having the typical autism syndrome


‐ Autism Association in North Carolina (USA) shows: 2/1000 of population with Autism.

‐ Asperger syndrome in male is as 9 times compared to female.

‐ IQ: 25% ‐ 30% of autistic children have normal IQ or even very intelligent (70% with IQ <70).

According to the estimate in the UK: Vietnam has about 80 million people in which there will be about

160,000 autistic people.

Who will be involved?

Autism happening with boys is more than 4 times higher than girls. It can happen in all ethnics, nations,

and social classes. In Vietnam, in latest years, the community began to interest and study about autism,

however, even medical staff did not know anything about autism so there is much misinformation

affecting on the psychology of families who have autistic children.

Could autism be cured?

There is no medicine to cure autism totally. However, there are many individualized education programs

appropriate, together with therapy programs in language, behavior, sensor adjusts… help children’s

status improve a lot. Children with autism need to be helped to live with independence and integration

at the highest level. A collaboration between the family ‐ Center, teachers and therapists will determine

the child’s progress.

The role of early intervention

Early detection and intervention play an important role in the integration of children with autism. Basic

principles of early intervention are to support and stimulate the maximum potential of children as well

as help guide the development of cognition, language, communication and coordination of the senses to

minimize the defects preventing the development of psychological activities.

What do parents have to do?

When parents received the diagnosis of the professionals which is the most difficult steps with grief,

panic, try to find the cause and start to blame for everything.

Parents need to notice that there are millions of families also experience these periods over the world.

The important thing is parents need to quickly accept and find the most effective approach for children.

If a child under 4, should seek to intervene as early as effective. If detected later, it should seek to

intervene at specific center. To 1‐2‐3 years after the child can integrate in kindergarten or primary

school. Children need to be interfering with individual programs appropriate to the level of the child.

In this article, we want to give you some information about the proportion of autism in children and

some necessary advice that help people notice that autism is not a rare disease. If you have a child with

autism, should give him the best life not a isolation.

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